Black Forest Family's Search For Hero

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It has been a month since the Black Forest Fire tore through El Paso County, leaving so much devastation in its path.

11 News talked with a woman who has spent the last month trying to find the man who helped get her to safety that night.

Cheryl Collins says that Tuesday in June is still a blur. She was in her house as the fire spread rapidly down her street. That's when a man knocked on the door and helped get her to safety. She never caught his name. But says he saved her life that day.

“I’ve just wanted to find him all this time and thank him for what he did. The fire and police have been wonderful too but for a neighbor to do that, I just want to find him and say thank you. It’s hard to believe it’s been a month. It seems like yesterday--but we’re going to be okay," said Collins.

The Collins family lost their home the day the fire started but they plan to rebuild on their same lot. Collins says they love the forest and that despite everything they've lost, it will always be home.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is still investigating exactly how the fire started.