Black Forest Business Owner Helps Rebuild

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A business owner in Black Forest who lost his home is now devoting most of his business to helping families rebuild. He's using the burned trees to do it.

"It's hard to talk about. It's hard to be here," said Anthony David, who lost his home in the Black Forest fire.

The home had been in his family for three generations, and now all that's left is the chimney.

"It was one of the most beautiful spots on the Earth as far as I was concerned, and now it's just totally devastated," said David.

David is now focused on rebuilding both his home and his community, and he's doing it one tree at a time.

David owns the Black Forest Mill. Using the mill equipment, he can cut away the charred outside of the tree and turn it into usable lumber.

"If the tree isn't completely broken and burned, the heart of the wood is usable," said David.

He's already had requests from more than a dozen people who lost their homes who want to incorporate the burned wood into their new houses.

"Maybe it's a mantle, or tongue and groove, or maybe it's as simple as a fence," said David. "I think it helps give them a sense of closure. It gives them just a little piece to hold onto."

It's a way to remember what was lost, as everyone tries to move forward.

David is also selling t-shirts he had made. He is donating all of the profits to local charities that are helping families affected by the Black Forest fire.

To get in touch with him, call 719-332-2327 or email