Black Bear Spotted In Unlikely Neighborhood

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A bear climbed high up in a tree in a neighborhood on the southeast side of Colorado Springs near Chelton and Airport.

A lot of people are wondering how the bear got to that part of town, wildlife officers told us she may have followed creek beds and drainage ditches to the area in search of food.

Hundreds of people gathered around the tree near Chelton and Airport watching the 200 pound black bear get brought down by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers alongside the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

"The uniqueness is that we ended up with a bear on chelton. It’s obviously not good bear habitat," Wildlife Officer Tonya Sharp said.

We watched as wildlife officers tranquilized her, but because she was wedged in, she simply fell asleep in the tree. That's when CSFD was called in to use their ladder truck to help get her out of the tree.

"I thought she was going to fall," an eight-year-old witness said.

"Its little leg was out it was really cute," added a 10-year-old.

Once out and secure, wildlife officers let kids and other bystanders touch the bear and take pictures with her.

"I seen a real life bear and I got to touch it."

"I thought it wasn't real then when I felt it, it was just like, I was like, wow! I think now it is real."

This all happened in the front yard of Aubrey Adkins' home. It seemed as though everyone was mesmerized by the bear for hours, most of them spent the entire day outside watching.

"The neatest part of today was actually getting to know our neighbors and how much we have in common so that was a lot of fun," Adkins said.

Wildlife experts told us, they'll be in touch with other officers around the state and will most likely release her Monday in Trinidad or the Westcliffe area where they say is a very good bear habitat.

There were so many people gathered to get a glimpse of the bear: wildlife experts actually handed out booklets to the families to spread some knowledge about encountering bears in Southern Colorado.