Black Bear Spotted In Springs Neighborhood

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A black bear was spotted in northern Colorado Springs, in a place they’re not often found.

"It's been an exciting day around here," Brandy Ragon said.

Since 2005, Ragon has lived in the neighborhood on Zephyr Drive and Rickshaw Drive, not far from Briargate Blvd and Union. Her neighbor Jim Pettery has been there for more than a decade.
Both told 11 News this is the first time they've ever had an encounter like this one.

"All of a sudden my neighbor is yelling my name through the door, ‘Jim, Jim, you gotta come out here!’ I thought something was wrong," Pettery recalled.

Before settling into the large tree, neighbors said the bear was running around on Briargate Boulevard.

"We had a grill out since the Bronco game is tomorrow and nothing else better to do, so instead of watching the Chicago Bears, we're watching our bear," Ragon said.

But the bear isn’t just a show, it’s also raising some concerns. Monday is trash day, and Pettery said knowing the bear is there, he won't be putting his garbage on the curb overnight.

"I recommended to the people of this community not to (put their trash out). The concern I have is it's going to be an easy source of food for the bear," Pettery said.

Looking on at a bear they enjoyed watching for a day, these homeowners hope it doesn't become a problem in the future.

The Division of Wildlife told residents the bear will most likely come down on its own during the night.