Bin Laden Dead: Impact On Local Military Installations

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The Department of Defense raised a nationwide Forced Protection Level up to Bravo.

Fort Carson confirms to 11 News that there is no specific threat to Fort Carson or the community. Ft. Carson will not be specific about changes at its gates, saying only there will be "heightened security." Expect delays.

The Air Force Academy has also increased its security posture as directed by the Department of Defense. All gates remain open for business, but an increased number of people will be subject to search at the gates and at random checkpoints on the installation.
All tourists will be granted entry through the North Gate only during visitor hours, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. A valid driver’s license is required for Academy access. Access will be limited for tourists by manned security checkpoints around the installation. All visitors who need to be sponsored onto the installation for other business must use the South Gate Pass and Registration Center (PRC). Visitors with a valid need to enter must have a photo ID.

The Public Affairs Officer for NORAD says NORAD/Peterson AFB increased security measures, everyone in a car trying to enter the facilities needs to have valid ID's. It could take additional time at any entrances, or checkpoint.