Bill To Ban Concealed Firearms On Colleges Dies, Others Pass

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The Democratic sponsor of a bill to ban concealed firearms on colleges in Colorado defeated his own proposal amid strong opposition from Republicans and gun-rights advocates, while other measures will move ahead.

Boulder Sen. Rollie Heath on Friday moved to postpone the bill until after the Legislature adjourned for the year, a procedure that kills the bill.

The bill would have banned concealed weapons on public college campuses.

Several victims of college rape had testified against the measure in a Senate committee days earlier. They said that students are vulnerable in areas where law-abiding citizens can't carry concealed weapons.

Five of seven gun-control measures advanced. One more round of votes is required next week before the measures clear the Senate.

Measures that will move on to a final reading Monday morning include a prohibition on magazines larger than 15 rounds and requirements for background checks on all purchases of firearms, including private sales of firearms.

The other measure that was killed would have held owners and sellers of assault weapons liable for damages caused by the weapon.

The Legislature will meet Monday morning for a final reading on the five remaining measures.