Bill Proposes Charter Schools Be Permitted Armed Guards

Thousands of students are a step closer to getting armed protection when they go to class.

Currently under Colorado law, public schools are permitted to have armed guards. A new bill, which just passed the state House Friday, will permit armed guards at charter schools as well.

The bill simply adds the words "or charter school" to the existing law.

Local districts already have armed school resource officers who work for the police department or sheriff's office. Some also have armed security guards to patrol the district's schools.

"I think charter schools should be able to have the same privileges as school districts across the state of Colorado have," Keith King, the administrator of Colorado Springs Early Colleges said. "And that is the ability to protect the students if it's so necessary."

"As a parent, I'm afraid every time my child walks out that door as to what's going to happen. Charter schools are no different than public schools when it comes to children, they're all the same, and that violent mentality could still be there...they need to be extra protected," mother Heather Ohop said.

The bill now moves to the state Senate. We'll let you know if it passes there.