Bill Elder to be Next El Paso County Sheriff

A new El Paso County Sheriff was decided Saturday at the Republican Assembly by hundreds of delegates who turned out to vote.

Bill Elder received 64.93% of the votes while John Anderson received 15.51% and Jim Reid received 19.5%.

The candidates needed at least 30% of the votes today to get their name on the primary ballot.

Since Anderson and Reid fell short of that, and there is no Democrat or Independent candidate running, Elder will be the next El Paso County Sheriff.

All three the candidates spoke this morning to a packed event center at UCCS.

Each had notable endorsements, including current Sheriff Terry Maketa endorsing Anderson and District Attorney Dan May endorsing Elder.

Only 11 News spoke with Elder after the announcement.

"I spent 24 years as a cop here, I spent 20 years in the Sheriff's office and the last three and a half years at the Fountain Police Department. All of my friends work for the Sheriff's office and this was out opportunity to go back to the Sheriff's office to do some of the things we walked about doing," he said.

Voters can petition the results. A petition for the sheriff position would require 11,000 signatures and would have to be completed by Monday.

Candidates for El Paso County Clerk and Recorder and Treasurer were also decided Saturday.

Chuck Broerman will be the only name on the primary ballot for Clerk and Recorder by receiving 87.31% of the votes.

Patrick Carter was also running for the position, but only received 12.68%.

Duncan Bremer was one of three candidates running for County Treasurer. He received 48.33% of the votes.

Mark Louderman will also be on the primary ballot for the position after receiving 30.09% of votes.

David Kelly received 21.5% of votes in his run for Treasurer.

The primary election is scheduled for June 24.