Take-Off Of Big Jet That Landed At Wrong Airport Delayed

Credit: KCNC
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The Boeing 747 jumbo cargo jet that mistakenly landed at a small Kansas airport yesterday evening, instead of at a nearby Air Force base where it was supposed to land, is expected to take off again sometime today.

The take off was scheduled for midday today, but local news is reporting that the take-off has been delayed. There is no word on when the take off will take place.

The runway at the airport in Wichita is just 6,100 feet long -- much shorter than it should be for the takeoff of a plane like that. But airport officials say the plane should be able to take off.

The jet landed about 8 miles north of its intended target, McConnell Air Force Base. It's part of a fleet of four planes that carries parts around the world for production of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. It had been headed for McConnell because the base is next to a Boeing supplier that makes the nose area of the Dreamliner.