Pueblo Planning Commission Approves Re-Zoning For Nuclear Plant

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The Pueblo Planning and Zoning Commission has approved a re-zoning plan recommending a clean energy park for eastern Pueblo County, which would include a nuclear power plant.

The proposal would re-zone 24,000 acres and make way for a variety of energy industries to set up shop, the centerpiece being a $5 to $8 billion nuclear power plant.

Supporters of the plan say bringing a nuclear power plant to southern Colorado would provide permanent jobs, boost property value and be a boon to tax revenues.

"It's the future, and I think it's good for the area that I live in, and I live very close to where they want to put it," says James Lucas, a Pueblo County resident who would live near the proposed park.

Meanwhile, opponents say the plant would destroy the environment.
They say the environmental damage might not happen locally, but in places where uranium mining could potentially contaminate the ground water. They also cite safety concerns over human and technological error.

"They're calling this a clean energy park and nuclear power is anything but clean; because of mining and milling, it leaves a toxic legacy which Colorado carries," says Anita Minton of Fremont County.

Pueblo County Commissioners will have the final approval.