Bicyclist Hit By Taxi in Colorado Springs

A local man is in the hospital after a taxi hit him while he was on his bicycle.

Police say he was in the middle of a food delivery on his bike when he was hit by a taxi cab.

It happened just after 9 p.m. Saturday on Bijou Street and the I-25 on-ramp.

The 23-year-old bike rider works at Jimmy John's restaurant nearby on Tejon Street. His fellow employees say he loves to ride his bike and was in the middle of delivering sandwiches when the accident happened.

Police say both the bicyclist and the taxi driver had the green light. The biker was headed east when the taxi reportedly turned in front of him.

The biker is expected to fully recover.

Police say this is the time of year they see most vehicle versus pedestrian accidents.

Police plan to ticket the taxi driver for failing to yield on a left turn.