Bible Recovered From Ashes

A family that lost their home in the Black Forest Fire was hopeful their Bible of at least 35 years would be where they left it.

The Mustians recited a few Bible verses before burying the book underneath the foundation of their home in 2004 and moved in the following year.

“Ephesians 2:20: Built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets ... Jesus Christ himself as the chief cornerstone," read Gary Mustain.

They lived in their Black Forest home for about five years before moving out and renting it to another family.

The home was destroyed in the fire over the summer.

The renters lost everything and the Mustians lost the foundation of their home. They prayed what was underneath it would still be intact--and mostly, it was.

That Bible that had been under the home for almost 10 years sustained the weight of the home and survived the flames of the most destructive fire in Colorado's history.

Recently, Janet Mustian went back to the home, having faith that old Bible would still be there. She didn't see it, but crews looked and found the Bible still in the ziplock bag they buried it in. Although it wasn't in perfect shape, it was enough.

"It didn't hold up very well in the ziplock bag. You can still see some of the scriptures," said Janet Mustain.

The Mustians tells 11 News they wanted their home to stand on the very foundation they stand on in life, the words of Jesus Christ.

The Mustians will be rebuilding their home on that same property and will once again bury a Bible under that foundation.

Gary and Janet Mustian are planning to move into their new home in 2014. They tell us the folks who rented from them are staying in Black Forest as well.