Beware of Crooks Impersonating Pine Cone Research

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Larry thought it would be an interesting way to earn a little extra money.... doing work for one of the biggest online researchers in the country.

Larry told us, "I didn't think I would get rich from it. It's just a little bit here and there.
I have a friend who's done this for many years so i thought... well, you know, I can try this, too."

The letter asked Larry to take part in a secret survey.
All he had to do.... deposit a $1,550 check into his bank account, wire most of the funds to a man in chicago, evaulate the wiring process, and then keep $150.

But Larry felt uneasy as soon as he sent off the cash. His bank confirmed his fears. The check was no good so Larry was out $1,550.

He now knows better.

Larry warns, "Don't trust anything that you get on the internet, in the mail, when it looks too good to be true, it certainly is."

Larry wants others to learn from his experience.
The bank manager told him he now spends almost half of his time trying to keep customers from being taken by crooks with their phony checks.

Remember there are all kinds of schemes out there to trick you into wiring money.
So only do business with those you know and never wire money to a stranger.