Bernie Herpin Reacts to Recall Election Win

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Now that Southern Colorado voters have recalled two state senators, 11 News is learning what happens next.

In a historic recall election that wrapped up Tuesday night, Senators John Morse and Angela Giron lost their senate seats.

11 News spoke with an official with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office who says each county's clerk and recorder's office has 18 days to finalize the votes.

Bernie Herpin and George Rivera will likely be sworn into office in early October, even though there isn't a set day yet.

11 News spoke with Bernie Herpin, who says he is already looking ahead.

"Extremely excited and very honored to be in this position," said Herpin.

He won't officially start his new job as the state senator for District 11 for a few weeks. Once he does, he plans to tackle the issue that prompted the recall in the first place- gun control.

"We hope to get enough support to roll back those draconian attacks on our rights. They do nothing to stop gun violence. All they do is punish law abiding people who obey the law," said Herpin.

Not everyone is happy with the results. Governor John Hickenlooper is disappointed with the outcome and says he still believes most people in our state support the gun laws.

"Politics revolves around certain issues, how people talk about them and how people's emotions respond to them, and often perceived reality is more important than the facts," said Governor Hickenlooper.

You can trust 11 News to let you know when a date is set for the new lawmakers to be sworn into office.