Bear Captured In Pueblo Neighborhood

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Families in a Southern Colorado neighborhood were surprised and even a little scared to find a young bear wandering through their neighborhood Tuesday.

A nearly 2-year-old black bear roamed through the streets in the El Camino area of Pueblo for nearly six hours. Wildlife officers found the 70-pound cub climbing fences through backyards near Encino Drive.

The bear was spotted by neighbors and found behind 240 Encino Dr. around 1 p.m. and tranquilized by officers.

“Oh I got scared. A bear? I didn’t know if my gate was open, I thought he is probably in my yard. Thank goodness he wasn’t, he was next door and nobody was home,” said next door neighbor Rose Martinez. She added, “Hopefully little kids were not around because a lot of times the kids are outside playing, so it scared me.”

The owners of the house were not home at the time and were unaware that a bear was captured there. The homeowner said she was surprised after 11 News let her know about it.

Other neighbors say they were shocked.

“It was exciting but also scary. My kids are always here. In broad daylight with a bear in the backyard, kind of scary,” said Amy Martinez.

Some neighbors say it was a unique experience to see a wild bear up close.

“It was exciting just because wow there is a bear in the yard. There is a bear in the neighborhood. This is a quiet neighborhood so to see that was pretty overwhelming,” said Keith Martin.

The District Wildlife Manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Jeremiah Johnson, said the cub probably traveled down the St. Charles Creek and was searching for food and a home. He said they spot a bear at least once a year in residential areas in Pueblo.

Johnson says the bear may have gone through some garbage, but was not considered a threat and did not cause any damage. They plan on releasing her back into the wild.