Bear Makes Return Visit To Local Restaurant

Courtesy Edelweiss German Restaurant
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A local restaurant tells us they'll have to chain their dumpster to make sure a bear can't pull it away.

This is a surveillance photo from Edelweiss German restaurant off South Nevada in Colorado Springs.

The bear came back Wednesday night for a second night in a row.

Surveillance footage shows the bear casually strolling towards the dumpsters, where he can then be seen trying to pull something. Suddenly, the bear is on his hind legs, tiptoeing backwards pulling one of the dumpsters with him.

"Apparently he likes German food. He keeps walking off with our dumpster," Dieter Schnakenberg quipped.

The bear is a repeat customer--the restaurant had their first visit from the bear on Tuesday night.

Wildlife officers say bears have great memories--once they find food, they'll come back for more.