Balloon Release For Jessica Ridgeway

It was a time of remembrance and awareness in Colorado Springs, one day after learning of the loss of abducted Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster.

The loss of Jessica touched the heart of one mother in our own community, so she asked other families to join her in a balloon launch, to pay tribute to the little girl and show support for Jessica’s family.

Around 200 people filled America the Beautiful Park with balloons of all colors and shapes. Some had messages such as “God Bless You.”

Parents and children took a moment of silence before hundreds of balloons were released and flew away in the sky.

Families say they not only wanted to honor the life of the little girl, but send a message to the Ridgeway family that they are not alone during this tragedy.

"What a neat way to express ourselves and the support to this family than seeing all the balloons and all the people that were we released the balloons, it was just a great celebration and honor of Jessica’s life,” said an emotional Stacy Jacobs. Jacobs is a mother who organized the event.

"It happened so close to here, and because we have kids I find it very important to show them that there is good in this world, and out of bad there comes good, and we can come here and celebrate her life, and they think were sending her balloons up in heaven,” said Mikaila Moore.

People also wrote special messages of support to the family in a book that will be given to them.

They also raised donations to help Jessica’s loved ones out during this tragic time.