Guolee On the Run, Lohr Arrested

Goulee, left, and Lohr, right.

Springs police confirm the arrest of 47 year-old James Lohr overnight. They say he's the 211 gang member linked to murder suspect Evan Ebel.

Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County Sheriff's department also confirms the arrest.

Ebel is believed to be the man who killed Colorado DOC director Tom Clements.

Police tell 11 News the arrest came after a car chase. Police say the chase started at Bijou and Hancock and they arrested Lohr in the 200 block of Cedar street.

The other man wanted by authorities, Thomas Guolee is still on the run. He is still being described as dangerous. Both men are thought to have connections to Evan Ebel, even talking to him shortly after his release from prison.