BBB Offers Customer Reviews Online For Local Businesses

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, there's a new place to check out customer reviews online.

The Better Business Bureau now offers a place on their website for people to leave good and bad reviews about local businesses.

Before a review is posted to their website, BBB employees make calls and do some digging to see if the review is genuine.

BBB officials tell 11 News this way you don't have to wonder if the person posting the review was paid to say something nice, or if it's a competitor leaving negative feedback.

"Our staff actually takes the time to go through each and every review to make sure to try to weed out those may be false-positives or false-negatives and make sure they're legitimate and honest reviews being posted," said Matt Barrett, the CEO of the BBB of Southern Colorado.

Barrett says so far feedback about the new review process has been positive.