AutoZone Shooting Accomplice Found Guilty Of 1st Degree Murder

The alleged accomplice of a convicted killer has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

Authorities say Frani Olivas assisted Ernest Schmidt in the shooting at a Colorado Springs AutoZone in the summer of 2011. The shooting left one man dead and another wounded.

Olivas and Schmidt's wife Dawn Morgan were both arrested in August of 2011 for aiding Schmidt in eluding officers after the shooting. Court records show that Morgan told police Olivas was actually part of Schmidt's robbery scheme; that the pair planned to commit a robbery to get rent money.

A woman named Lisa told 11 News Thursday it's a relief to know both the triggerman and now the woman who helped plan the crime will be behind bars for a long time. She asked 11 News to not release her last name.

Lisa was the only customer at the store the night of the shooting and was there when Schmidt shot Don LaRoe in the store parking lot. Lisa got LaRoe inside the building and tended to his wounds. LaRoe survived the shooting. Read more about that here.

With Olivas' conviction, she's grateful this chapter in her life is closed.

"All any of us wanted was to put it behind us, and now the verdict has come down I can finally put it behind me and let it go and not think about it anymore," Lisa said.

Schmidt accepted a plea deal in January of last year, and will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.

Olivas will be sentenced on a future date.