Auto Repair Shop Has Another Run-in With Police

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A car repair shop is open for business despite another run-in with police.

11 News investigations previously revealed allegations of shoddy work and even theft from several customers of Springs Transmissions and Automotive.

One customer tells 11 News what he saw on Sunday that made him call in the police.

Ricky Salido showed up at Springs Transmissions and Automotive on Sunday to check on the progress of his truck. He says he dropped it off to get the transmission rebuilt a year and a half ago but the owner hasn’t been returning his calls. When he got there on Sunday his pickup was nowhere in sight.

"I come in and the truck was missing, it wasn't even here,” Salido said.

Salido talked with the owner, Greg Ehnes, and was reportedly told one of the employees took the truck out to fill it up with gas. Minutes later the employee returned with the truck, but the gas tank was still empty and Salido says his truck was in rough shape.

“Now I find out my truck is trashed, it's missing the stereo, center console, and the spare wheels,” Salido explained.

The employee took off after Salido called police.

Salido says he's frustrated that he trusted Ehnes with his truck in the first place.

"The most aggravating thing is the fact that I've known Greg a long time and I gave him the benefit of the doubt,” Salido said.

When Springs police arrived on scene, they talked to Salido and took a report on what happened.

The owner is already facing felony theft charges for what happened with other customers. Police say the Financial Crimes Division will investigate any new charges that may be added in with the ongoing case against the owner.