Auto-Pedestrian Crashes 'Serious Issue' In Pueblo

Police say auto-pedestrian accidents are becoming a serious issue for the city of Pueblo.

"In the past two years, there have been six pedestrian-related
fatality accidents, and a large number of serious bodily injury crashes. In most of these incidents, the pedestrians are at fault," Sgt. Noeller with the Pueblo Police Department's traffic section said in a statement.

The latest crash happened Monday night around 9:20 p.m. near the intersection of Red Creek Springs Road and Oakcrest Drive on the west side of the city. Police say three friends were walking along a dimly-lit road in the dark when one of them was hit by an oncoming car. Forty-four-year-old Rebecca Russell suffered severe fractures to her face and other part of her body, and is in critical condition at a Denver

According to police, the victim and her companions were dressed in dark clothing, and had been drinking prior to the crash. Police are still investigating the crash, but at this time believe the fact that Russell had allegedly been drinking played a part in the crash. Speed and alcohol are not believed to be factors on the driver's part at this time.

“Pedestrians have a responsibility to use sidewalks and crosswalks when out and about. While we appreciate that more people are walking when they have been drinking, they need to exercise safety when walking.” Noeller said.

Noeller suggested that pedestrians wear light-colored clothing when they are walking, use sidewalks and crosswalks when they are available, and cross with the light at controlled intersections. Noeller said that vehicles and cyclists must stop for the pedestrian when pedestrians enter the crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection.