Search And Rescue Crews Find Missing Cyclist

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The Teller County Search and Rescue team has found 36-year-old Alicia Jakomait, who disappeared while biking on Old Stage Road on Sunday.

Authorities said she found around 6 p.m. Monday and was taken to a hospital in Colorado Springs with a head injury.

She was found in an area between Knights Peak and McKinley Peak roughly two and a half miles off the pathway.

Keith Conquest, an incident commander for Teller County Search and Rescue told 11 News it was her husband who helped crews find her.

"We were fortunate that the husband was able to follow her (bike) tracks and greatly narrow down the area we thought she was in," Conquest said.

Conquest said Jackomait was on the Pipeline trail south of Gold Camp Rd just west of Old Stage Rd and was headed west toward the reservoir.

We’re told she was walking her bike and accidently followed a different trail. She fell and hit her head and was unconscious for a short time. When she regained consciousness she realized she had to go north toward Upper Gold Camp Road.

Conquest said she walked on the trail for quite a while before realizing she was going in circles, having passed a noticeable rock formation four times.

It was around that time, a Teller search and rescue team member was in the area calling out her name and heard her call for help in return. They said finding her a big win.

"Oh you better believe it is. We've been lucky with a couple, three of our rescues, search and rescue patients so far this summer in finding the victim and it's just good for us when we find somebody like that it makes us want to go out and do it all over again," Conquest said.

Search and rescue officials say whenever we plan activities in the backcountry it's always a good idea to tell someone where exactly you're going, how you plan to get there, and what time you plan to be back.

We’re told she had her phone with her, but they couldn't track the GPS signal because she was out of cell range. They also suggest always going out with at least one other person.

Teller County had been called out to assist the El Paso County Search and Rescue team.

About 50 people searched for her Monday on bikes, A.T.V'S, on foot and 4-wheel drive trucks.