Austin Sigg Calls Jessica Ridgeway Killing 'Random' In Newly Released Video

Austin Sigg being interrogated. (Credit: KCNC)

The brutal slaying of a 10-year-old girl was "random," the teen killer told police in a just-publicized video of the interrogation following his arrest.

The video reveals that Austin Sigg confessed to kidnapping and killing Jessica Ridgeway after being arrested.

"I was just driving and just kind of looking. And I saw her ... found the place to park. And I parked, and I waited. And she walked by, and I grabbed her.

"It was a random place, a random time. Random everything.

Though Sigg was seen wiping away tears as a judge sentenced him to a lifetime in prison, the then 17-year-old was unemotional while telling police what he did to the terrified child after he abducted her.

Sigg described tying the little girl's hands and legs together. He told police that he then drove for 20 minutes while she alternately screamed and questioned him.

"I would lie to her. I would tell her everything was going to be OK. I would just lie to her."

After Sigg was sentenced to life in prison, authorities described his actions as"evil" and said he deserved "everything he got."