3 Bodies Found Inside Aurora Home After Standoff, Suspect Shot By SWAT

The townhouse after a SWAT team broke out the windows. (Credit: KCNC)

A six-hour standoff has come to a deadly end in Aurora after a SWAT team shot and killed the suspect, according to sister station KCNC.

The man had barricaded himself inside a townhouse after authorities got to the scene. Aurora police had been called around 3 a.m. after neighbors heard shots ring out.

A woman who escaped the from the town home informed officers after they arrived that the suspect was armed, and that there were three lifeless looking bodies inside. She managed to get out unharmed.

A neighbor told KCNC that the woman who escaped jumped from the rear second story window.

Hostage negotiators tried to get the suspect to peacefully surrender. Numerous phone calls were made over the several hours that the standoff covered, and multiple commands to turn himself in were given through a bullhorn. The suspect disregarded them all. Police say that during this time, the suspect was behaving "very irrationally," and hung up on negotiators.

While the standoff was ongoing, nearby homes were evacuated.

SWAT moved an armored vehicle in front of the home around 8 a.m., five hours into the standoff, in order to break out a window. The suspect fired at the vehicle multiple times, but SWAT did not return fire.

An hour later, the suspect started shooting at authorities again from a second-story window. This time, officers returned fire, shooting and killing the suspect. His body was later recovered from the upstairs bedroom.

Authorities entered the house after shooting the suspect and found two men and one woman dead inside. Including the suspect, four people total died in the standoff.

At this time, a relationship between victims and suspects, or what started the standoff, have not been released.