High Costs Loom Ahead Of Sheriff Maketa Investigation

A high-profile attorney has been tapped to potentially represent embattled sheriff Terry Maketa ahead of an investigation into allegations of misconduct and abuse of power.

Pamela Mackey is probably best known for representing NBA superstar Kobe Bryant when he was accused of sexually assaulting an employee at a hotel outside Vail. El Paso County has confirmed that Mackey has been informally retained to represent both Maketa and the county for the EEOC complaint.

The complaint was filed by the top three commanders from the sheriff's office. Among the allegations: abusive treatment of employees, affairs with subordinates and preferential treatment towards those women, and use of taxpayer money to fund trips with the women he was having relationships with.

County leaders said Thursday in a news conference that they do not know how much it will cost taxpayers in legal fees to investigate the allegations against the sheriff. County commissioners Amy Lathen and Dennis Hisey said that right now they have $10,000 for the investigation and for Maketa's attorney--but stated that it will cost more than that.

The commissioners say they'll have to figure out a way to come up with more money, which could mean cutting from something else in the budget.