Attempted Robbery At ATM

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Colorado Springs police are looking for a man who tried to rob a woman at gunpoint.

It happened at a Wells Fargo ATM on Prominent Point near Briargate and Powers. 11 News talked to the woman about the scary ordeal and what she did to escape the suspect.

She didn't want us to show her face on camera, because she's scared the suspect is still out there. She told us she had just finished work Saturday night when she stopped by the ATM. Right after she put her card in the machine, a man broke out her back window.

"He put a gun to my face, on my face. He started cussing and yelling, telling me to shut up because I screamed obviously."

Police are looking into whether the incident is related to a string of similar robberies in the Springs this month. One of the robberies happened at the same Wells Fargo ATM earlier this month.

"I put it in first gear and I hit my gas as hard as I possibly could."

As she drove off, the suspect was still leaning in the window. Police say the suspect was carried a short distance, and then fell off when the woman swerved around a curb. No money was taken.

"Don't put yourself over what you can do if someone has a gun, just do what they tell you to, unless you're in my situation...I knew I could get out. I thought, 'if I had stayed, I would've been hurt.'"

The suspect is described as a 5-foot-8 Hispanic male, around 30 years old. He was last seen running into a nearby field.

In less than three weeks, police say they have investigated five other similar reports of armed men robbing victims as they use drive-thrus at local businesses and banks. In one case, shots were fired.

Here's the list of the reports released by CSPD:

07/05/13 at 10:05PM - Wells Fargo Bank, 9649 Prominent Point, near Briargate Pkwy and Powers. Read story here.

07/06/13 at 9:30PM - US Bank, 1415 N. Academy Blvd. (Academy and Palmer Park)

07/09/13 at 2:01AM - Taco Star, 605 N. Circle Dr. Shots were fired at this incident. Read story here.

07/19/13 at 9:55PM - ENT Credit Union, 3125 Jetwing Dr. Read story here.

07/20/13 at 9:34PM - US Bank, 1415 N. Academy Blvd.

The suspects are described as Hispanic males in their late teens, 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-8 with thin builds. They say the men approach aggressively once the victim is stopped at the drive-thru. Victims have reported that the suspects have been armed with handguns and pepper spray.

If you have any information on any of the above crimes, call Springs police at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.