Ashes To Art Auction Raises $40,400 For Local Burn Areas

Credit: KKTV
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Tens of thousands of dollars will help two local communities impacted by major wildfires. The "Ashes to Art" auction at Garden of the God's Club in Colorado Springs raised $40,400.

Local artist and Mountain Shadows resident Steve Weed donated 22 paintings he made with ashes from the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.

We spoke with one homeowner at the auction whose home was destroyed in the Black Forest Fire.

"It was a real privilege for us to know that Steve wanted to use our charcoal and ash in his project," said Black Forest homeowner Ted Robertson.

"I'm humbled by all of it," said Weed. "I'm humbled by the group that we have here, and the people that have done the work, amazing work to help this. There's been a lot of people that made this work out."

The money raised will go to building the Waldo Canyon Fire Memorial in Mountain Shadows Park and the rebuilding efforts of Black Forest Together.