State Park Clarifies Facts Into Ongoing Arrow Investigation


Cheyenne Mountain State Park contacted 11 News to clarify facts into the ongoing arrow investigation. Officials have determined that the arrow in Gibson's home did not come from the bow of an archer shooting at a designated target on the archery range; however, an official tells us they have been investigating if someone was illegally shooting areas in closed sections of the rang near Gibson's home.
Officials want to clarify that the archery was designed so that no arrow would stray towards the mobile home park if the range was properly used. The state park is investigating if someone was using the archery range illegally by either "sky shooting" with their bow, or going into closed sections of the range where archers aren't allowed.

Although there was a tournament at the park last weekend, the closest targets to the mobile home park were not used by participants.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park says they've closed down two 3D targets closest to the mobile home park until the investigation is complete.

Original Story:

Cheyenne Mountain State Park says an arrow that pieced the side of a woman's home likely did not come from their archery range.

Jamie Gibson told 11 News an arrow was shot straight through the exterior wall of her home, which is off Highway 115 near the park. She found the arrow sticking out from the house last weekend--exactly when the state park held an tournament at their newly installed archery range.

But the state park says that so far, their investigation shows the arrow did not come from an archer using their equipment or range, or from the tournament. Park officials said that before they put in the range, they made sure to build backstops to prevent arrows from leaving the area.

Even so, Gibson said she was opposed to the range from the start of its inception because of the risk of a stray arrow finding its way to her neighborhood.

"I don't think it was intentional. Before this opened up, we voiced our concerns about an archery behind a trailer park where there's kids and pets…my kids could've been out here," Gibson told 11 News earlier this week.