Arrest Warrant Issued In 15-Year-Old Sex Assault Case

More than 15 years after a woman was sexually assaulted, Colorado Springs police have obtained an arrest warrant for a suspect.

In late March of 1997, the victim was cooling down on the patio at a Springs bar and grill after getting into a fight with some friends, when a stranger approached her struck up a conversation. Police say the man told the victim that he had witnessed the entire argument.

Eventually the victim decided she was ready to go home, but before she could find her friends, the man offered her a ride home. Upon arriving at the victim's apartment, the suspect was told he couldn't come in, throwing him into a rage. He physically overpowered the woman and sexually assaulted her.

Despite collecting forensic evidence at the scene, there was no break in the case until 15 years later, when new technology made it possible to better analyze the suspect's DNA. A new DNA profile was entered into the FBI computer, where a match with an inmate at a federal prison in Virginia was discovered. Scheduled to be released in December of this year, Colorado Springs police obtained an arrest warrant to ensure the suspect would be re-arrested immediately upon his release.

The suspect has been identified as 41-year-old Atlantis G. Michaelson. 11 News is working to get more information.