Arrest Made In Deadly Hit And Run

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PUEBLO, Colo. Police have made an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run accident.

Pueblo police say Victor Montour crashed a white Jaguar into a home on the 1900 block of Hollywood Drive on March 11. Johnnie Hagerman was killed and his wife, Lori Hagerman, was injured.

Montour was already in custody in the Pueblo County Jail for unrelated charges when he was served an arrest warrant Wednesday for the hit and run.

Montour is charged with failure to remain at the scene or give information and/or aid after accident involving death. Police say this is the harshest punishment they can give him right now.

11 News obtained the arrest papers of Montour. The white Jaguar belonged to Christy Marlett, Montour's wife. Police interviewed both individuals the night of the crash. Both claimed they hadn't left that night and that the car must have been stolen. Montour told police he left his ID, wallet and cell phone in the vehicle.

Police say Walmart surveillance video showed Montour leaving the parking lot at 7:42 p.m. Pueblo City Dispatch says they received a 911 call about the crash four minutes later.

Police also interviewed a man who says Montour came to his house and asked to use a phone the night of the crash. That man's house is in the same direction Montour reportedly drove towards after the crash.

Arrest papers also say Montour has a revoked license. Currently, he's in jail because of another car accident that he plead guilty to from November. He will serve 60 days in jail for that offense.