11 News Captures Video of Robbery Suspect Surrendering

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A man is in custody after police say he used a gun to rob a local pharmacy.

Police say the suspect is 55-year-old Roy Pollette.

It happened at 2 p.m. on Thursday at the Medicine Shoppe on North Union Boulevard and Van Buren in Colorado Springs.

11 News has the video of Pollette walking out of the pharmacy shop with his hands in the air.

"We got here and the cops were just screaming, get inside, get inside,” neighbor Jaque Smith recalled.

Officers say Pollette was armed with a gun and fired a bullet into the ceiling of the Medicine Shoppe.

You can hear the chaotic scene play out on the police radio.

“Male did fire a shot inside the business, said he wanted to have a shoot out. Was given drugs," the dispatcher said.

The Medicine Shoppe employees were able to escape out of the back of the store. Folks at nearby businesses were told to take cover as officers set up a perimeter with their weapons drawn.

Janit Spann was in line at the DMV.

“We all went in the back as fast as we could.”

“We were at the very back end of the 7-Eleven. They told us to get behind this concrete wall. It was crazy,” Joshua Miller said.

Officers talked with the suspect on the phone and minutes later, he walked out. Police had the man down on the ground as they put him in handcuffs.

After the arrest, officers went inside the pharmacy to investigate and that’s when they smelled a strong chemical. They say the suspect brought in a can of gasoline, but police aren't saying why he brought it in or what he was going to do with it.

No customers or employees were injured.