Armed Robbers Strike Again: Trend On The Rise

Armed robbers strike again. This time at the KFC near Austin Bluffs and Academy in Colorado Springs around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

11 News talked with police and they tell us they’ve seen a rash of armed robberies over the last few weeks.

Police say armed robberies typically come in spurts. Officers are investigating whether the latest crimes are connected and if there are any contributing factors.

While they can’t pinpoint the reason for the recent rise, they look at everything, including the holiday season.

"We're not sure if there is any association with Christmas or the economy or if it's just happenstance...people getting out of prison, whatever it is. We don't know why but we do see a recent influx in the number of crimes,” said CSPD Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat.

Police are still searching for the suspects who robbed the KFC.

Witnesses say three black men went into the store and demanded cash. They had black bandannas over their faces. One of them showed a handgun.

One suspect was wearing a brown hoodie, another was wearing a yellow hoodie.

Once the men got the money, they ran away. The suspects are still on the loose.

Police say it’s also a good reminder for businesses to be extra alert and cautious, in case this trend continues.

If you know anything about the KFC robbery, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.