Arab League Calls For Criminalization Of Blasphemy

United Nations General Assembly hall in New York City. (Originally posted to Flickr as UN General Assembly by Patrick Gruban. Creative Commons License.)
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The head of the Arab League is calling for the international community to criminalize blasphemy, warning that insults to religion pose a serious threat to global peace and security.

Nabil Elaraby's comments to a special session of the U.N. Security Council put him at odds with the United States and many of its western allies, which are resolutely opposed to restrictions on freedom of expression. However, Elaraby said that if the west has criminalized acts that result in bodily harm, it must also criminalize acts that cause "psychological and spiritual harm."

He condemned the violence that erupted throughout the Muslim world in response to an anti-Islam film produced in the United States. But he said that unless blasphemy laws are enacted and enforced, similar incidents could happen again.