Another Pending Lawsuit Against Sheriff Maketa

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Is this an act of retaliation? An El Paso County deputy gave a confidential tip to our partners at The Gazette newspaper about the sheriff's office. The next day, in an email to the media, the sheriff's office made her work personnel file public. Normally it's confidential.

11 News is waiting to hear back from the sheriff's office about why that was okay.

Along with the personnel file, the sheriff's office pointed out that the female deputy is engaged to another deputy, Sgt. Mike Schaller. He is reportedly under investigation for sexual harassment. That's also a piece of information that would usually be kept confidential.

Sgt. Schaller is among the many deputies who are in the process of suing the sheriff.

11 News obtained a copy of Schaller’s complaint, which is the first step to a lawsuit. It was given to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the EEOC.

Schaller claims Sheriff Terry Maketa shows sexual favoritism to female subordinates at work, including pay raises and unwarranted promotions. It goes on to say Sheriff Maketa has used “intimidation, threats and retaliation to prevent his widespread sexual favoritism from becoming public knowledge.”

In addition, Schaller says Maketa has discriminated against him because of his gender and gave preferential treatment to his supervisor, a female lieutenant.

This is just one of several complaints against Maketa.