Another Attempted Abduction In The Springs

New this morning- we now know of yet another attempted child abduction.
It's one of many happening all across our area.

The latest happened yesterday afternoon but police just reported it overnight.

Our Kristin Haubrich is talking with them, and giving us some perspective on the four most recent cases.

Police say two kids were walking their dog in this neighborhood last evening when two men pulled up next to them and asked if they wanted candy. The kids did not respond - instead they walked right home and told their parents.

The suspects are described as two teenage white men, with blonde hair. They were driving a large dark colored SUV.

We want to show you this map of all the recent child luring attempts. The one from last night is here in the Rockrimmon neighborhood - on War Eagle Drive.
On Saturday night a child luring was reported on Fillmore and Union and on Monday a separate luring on North Walnut.
That doesn't take into account last week- when kids were approached by strangers on Rockbridge Circle.

At this point, police are not commenting if any of these cases are related.