Animal Investigators Need Help Solving Dog's Death

Here's the first look at the dog that was found dead, possibly killed, at a Colorado Springs hotel. We have video of the dog just a few days before it died.

"This is a very distinct pit bull terrier-type dog, that's all white and has a black spot over its eye,” said Joe Stafford, animal law enforcement director at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

The dog was only about 1-year-old and was a female. She was being walked by a black man in a blue coat in the hotel parking lot of the Crossland Economy Studios Sunday afternoon.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the dog, or the man in the video seen walking the dog, to come forward. Right now the man is not a suspect; they are just looking for answers.

At first investigators thought the dog was shot in the neck because of the way the injury looked. Now they are not sure how it died because they didn’t find a bullet.

That’s why they are asking for all our help to find out what happened to the dog.

"Somebody might have something to bring justice on behalf of the animal,” said Stafford.

Investigators say the dog was found dead in a stairwell of the hotel Wednesday afternoon.

A necropsy will be performed at Colorado State University to determine the cause of death.

It’s not clear if a crime was committed yet, but if someone killed the dog, they could face aggravated animal cruelty charges, a serious felony.

Investigators say cases like this are especially tough for them.

“These investigations are very emotionally draining, trying to find out what happened to the animal and really bring justice to the situation, which is what we’re here to do,” said Stafford.

If you recognize the man or dog, call the Humane Society at 473-1741.