Bill Passes To Connect Amtrak To Pueblo

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A bill just passed in the state House that will extend the Amtrak train to go through Pueblo.

Right now, Amtrak starts in Chicago and passes through La Junta to Trinidad.

The bill allows the train to re-route through Pueblo and Walsenburg, eventually ending in Los Angeles.

More than 200,000 people use that train every year.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace says the new route to Pueblo will boost ridership in the state and help bring tourism dollars to southern Colorado.

Pace says, "We had economic impact studies completed that show a net-positive gain of $67 million in local tourism, new travelers and visitors if we could add a stop to Pueblo."

Pace says he hopes that the train will be up and running in Pueblo in the next five years.

He says several upgrades need to be made to the tracks first.