CAUGHT ON TAPE: American Flag Stolen From Soldier's Mother

A proud Army mom, Kathy Dawson put an American flag in her front yard so that her son would see it when he came home. She never thought somebody would drive up and steal it.

A driver casually gets out of his car and walks up to a large American flag planted in a residential yard. He grabs it, puts it in his car and drives away.

It may sound like a minor crime, but it hit one Colorado Springs mother hard. Kathy Dawson had bought the $25 flag to celebrate her son's new rank in the Army. It was stolen right after she put it on display in her front yard.

"I put the American flag out so he'd [her son] see it when he pulled in the driveway," Dawson said.

Dawson says that while it may be a minor crime, the lack of respect that the thief showed and the fact that someone was nasty for no reason really upsets her.

Thanks to a neighbor, there's a chance the thief could be caught. The entire incident, from the moment the suspect stepped out of his car to him stuffing the flag in his vehicle, was captured on surveillance camera. Douglas Swain saw our report when we first aired the story Tuesday. He checked his surveillance tapes to see if his camera caught the crime, and sure enough, it did.

Swain stepped forward with the surveillance tape Thursday, and allowed 11 News to broadcast it in hopes that it will help catch the thief.

For Dawson, she's still in disbelief that someone would be so petty.

"By no means is what you've done acceptable by anyone's standards. To steal personal property, and to steal an American flag is unforgivable," Dawson told 11 News.

Dawson lives near Peterson and Galley in Colorado Springs. Anyone who knows who stole the flag is asked to bring it back.