Allergy Season Might Come Early Because Of The Warm Weather

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The experts are telling allergy sufferers to be prepared since the allergy season might come early because of the warm weather. The experts say if the weather stays as warm as it’s been, allergy season will arrive soon.

On Tuesday it felt like spring in Denver’s Washington Park. People were jogging without jackets and cycling in shorts. Tracey Bedford noticed another sign.

“Well I was just telling my friend I feel like I’m getting a cold,” Bedford said.

The sniffling and sneezing may actually signal seasonal allergies.

“Usually April, end of March is when it starts,” Bedford said.

Not this year.

“There is the possibility that the allergy season may take off earlier than usual,” Dr. Rohit Katial with National Jewish Health said.

Blame the balmy weather. When the temperatures rise the trees release their pollen. If spring arrives early, so do high pollen counts.
“Oh, that’s a nightmare. I’ll have to get out my Benadryl, my nasal spray; and that’s the only way I’ll get through the season,” Bedford said.

Katial says there’s no time like the present.

“Generally start medications anywhere from two to four weeks before the anticipated season, which puts us right about now,” he said.

The experts say don’t delay. It’s important to pre-treat before symptoms start. Getting medication on board early will help build defenses.