Alleged Peeping Tom At Colorado College Makes 1st Court Appearance

Loomis Hall, where the alleged incident took place.
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A Colorado College student says she caught a peeping tom in the act.

"He was crouched by the nearest shower stall with his iPhone out, filming the person taking a shower," Peyton Harvey told 11 News.

But authorities say the suspect wound up being caught on camera himself--ultimately resulting in his arrest.

According to Harvey and other students who saw the suspect last week, nothing seemed out of the ordinary when they first saw him at Loomis Hall, a coed dorm where the alleged peeping tom incident took place.

"A few minutes before, I saw him hanging around in the hall, but I didn't really suspect anything because it's coed. I'm used to seeing guys up there," Harvey said.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary--until Harvey says she walked by the bathroom and saw the suspect with his cell phone out.

"I kind of froze...then he ran past me and went out the door and ran away," Harvey recalled. "I managed to pull myself together."

Campus police and security were notified right away. That's when authorities realized the suspect had been caught on surveillance cameras. Campus police sent out an alert to the entire college with surveillance photos attached. Someone recognized the suspect from Facebook and called police on Oct. 3.

The suspect was identified as Andrew Browning, 24. Browning was arrested Monday. Police believe he walked right into the dorm behind a group of students who live there.

Police say Browning admitted to trespassing in the dorm bathroom with a laptop, but claims he didn't take any pictures. He allegedly told officers he was just looking.

Arrest papers obtained by 11 News the day after his arrest indicate that in addition to voyeurism allegations, Browning is also accused of attempted theft. Police say Browning walked into a student's dorm room and tried to steal her computer. He allegedly stuffed it under his shirt. Police say he put it down after the woman confronted him.

Browning made his first court appearance Tuesday, where he was charged with second-degree burglary, criminal trespassing and invasion of privacy. He'll return to court next week.