One Year Later, Angelica Sandoval Still Missing

It's been a year since a Southern Colorado mother was last seen. Police in Alamosa told KKTV 11 News they are growing more concerned about 21-year-old Angelica Sandoval.

"Right now it's suspicious,” Lt. Duane Oakes told 11 News after her disappearance.

At that time, police have told 11 News that they will continue investigating Sandoval's disappearance until she is found. Oakes said that tips continue to come in, and officers are investigating all of them.

Sandoval reportedly disappeared from outside of her home around 11 p.m. on February 23. Police say they do not believe she would have willingly left her one-year-old daughter behind.

"She was just gone, no trace, no nothing," said her mother, Michelle Sandoval.

Michelle says the last time family members saw Angelica, she had just gotten home from doing laundry.

"She brought the baby in, she brought in her clothes and her phone and then she went back out to grab her purse and about 10 to 15 minutes later she hadn't come back in," said Michelle.

Angelica was gone. Her car door left wide open and her purse was found laying in the street.

"We don't have any proof that she didn't leave on her own. We don't have any proof that she was kidnapped," Oakes said.

Angelica was due to testify against a man accused of kidnapping her back in November. Acting Police Chief Robert Jackson says Jose Luis Meraz broke into Sandoval's home looking for money, and bound her with duct tape while her baby daughter was there. He could not comment on why Angelica was the target of that crime.

Without their key witness, the district attorney prosecuting Meraz has dropped the charges against him for now, with an option to refile at any time. If prosecutors filed a continuance in the case instead, they would have only been able to wait six months.

Meraz is still in jail, however, on charges he assaulted his parole officer. According to investigators, Meraz is in the United States illegally.

Meanwhile, Sandoval's family is growing more and more desperate for any leads.

"We've been searching dumpsters, alleys. There is so much field out here in Alamosa, it’s all country. It’s been really hard," Michelle said. "I'm not ever going to stop looking for her. She was my first born. My angel of hope, I just want her to come home."

On her Facebook page just one day before she went missing Angelica wrote, “I am in love with the most beautiful little girl in the world. Mommy luvs u Lariah.”

The FBI has helped police with the case. The police chief says in they find out the case has crossed state lines, it will be turned over to federal investigators.

Angelica is about 5-foot-2, 110 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes.

If you know where she is, call Crime Stoppers in Alamosa at 719-589-4111.