Air Force Academy Traffic Woes

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A line of car lights appeared endless as more than 40,000 people left Falcon Stadium and headed off base.

Colorado State Patrol told 11 News it wasn’t just the game that caused so much congestion on North Gate Blvd near I-25 in Colorado Springs Saturday night.

"It's really crazy, no one likes traffic," one driver said.

State Troopers said all the backed up traffic is because of several factors, the construction on I-25, the amount of people all leaving at one time, and the two roundabouts on North Gate Blvd.

"I’ve been sitting here for about an hour and traffic has just been inching along for about an hour," another driver said.

However, Colorado Department of Transportation experts were hoping those roundabouts would relieve the backups.

In a statement released earlier this month, they said, "We understand some drivers may not feel comfortable with roundabouts, but studies prove that they improve traffic flow and reduce traffic backups. This is particularly important during special events at the air force academy when traffic routinely backs up onto i-25 in both directions."

Although even with the roundabouts, drivers were still forced to sit through really long lines.

"I’d say we were in traffic for about 25-30 minutes," one cadet said.

"We’re just trying to wait it out before we get back on i-25 and head back up to Denver," another driver added.

State Patrol said another part of the problem was also the time of day. Traffic is normally a little heavier around the afternoon, but don't be surprised to see this happen again next week when Air Force takes on Army.

Even though the game starts sooner, everyone leaving the game will once again be fighting all the same obstacles.