Air Force Academy Listed as Terrorist Attack Target

The Air Force Academy is on a list of suggested terrorist attack locations.

It was named in the online Al Qaeda magazine, Al-Malahem Media.

The magazine threatens an attack on the United States and encourages citizens to take part.

One article gives step by step instructions on how to make a pressure cooker bomb and glorifies the actions of the Boston bombers, September 11th attacks and other Jihadi operations around the world.

It also predicts the next terrorist attack, dating it sometime in this decade.

The magazine also gives directions on how to build a car bomb and gives suggestions on where people should set them off.

The locations include Times Square, Las Vegas casinos and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

An Air Force Academy spokesperson tells 11 News they cannot comment on security measures at the academy, but released this statement:

We are aware that the Air Force Academy is mentioned in a recent online publication. We remain vigilant and maintain all the appropriate protocols of a military installation to include force protection and being cognizant of existing and emerging threats. Our primary concern is always the security and the safety of the cadets, our personnel and the thousands of visitors who come to USAFA every year.