Affidavit: Sexual Assault Suspect Gave Victim His Real Name

Credit: CSPD

Authorities say a sexual assault suspect made a crucial mistake while committing the crime which allowed police to find him.

He told the victim his real name.

Justin Hatfield is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a man who was trying to offer assistance after Hatfield claimed to be out of gas.

According to arrest papers obtained by 11 News, Hatfield told the victim he was stuck and needed a ride, but when the Good Samaritan tried to help, Hatfield revealed his true intentions. Arrest papers go on to detail how Hatfield ordered the victim to drive to a remote area of Gold Camp Road, where Hatfield allegedly sexually assaulted him. After holding the victim captive for several hours, arrest papers say Hatfield drove to the King Soopers off Fillmore and Centennial, and the victim escaped.

But while he held his victim captive, authorities say the suspect said his real name, as well as some background information on himself. When the victim got away, he called police immediately and gave them that information. Hatfield was arrested Thursday, four days after the alleged crime occurred.

Hatfield is being held at the El Paso County jail.