Aerial Mulching Treatments Completed Over Waldo Canyon Burn Area

For weeks, helicopters have been seen flying over the Waldo Canyon Fire burn area, piquing the curiosity of many in the area wondering why there was so much activity.

The helicopters had been conducting aerial mulching stabilization treatments to help reduce run-off and erosion in the burn area.

Thursday, 8,000 tons of mulch later, the Waldo Canyon Burned Area Emergency Response team (BAER) announced that the aerial mulching treatments had been completed. More than 3,000 acres were treated during the operation.

According to, BAER completed the following stabilization treatments:

- Installed 50 "Flash Flood" warning signs along Forest Service trails and recreation areas.

-Installed 2 gates along Rampart Range Road for continued closure access to the burn area: One gate installed on the westside of the burn area and one gate installed on the eastside of Rampart Range Road (above Garden of the Gods area).

-Continued burn area closure for safety and protection measures.

-Removed hazard trees along the trails and within the recreation sites, stabilized 8 miles of trails, and removed hazardous debris on national forest system lands within the fire perimeter area.

-Removed hazard trees along Forest Service roadsides within the burn area.