Officers Praise Wyo. Victim's Strength, Assistance In Finding Suspect

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A suspected child predator, accused of kidnapping a young girl from Wyoming, has been caught after a week-long manhunt.

According to the FBI, the suspect, Jesse Speer, was apprehended in Belgrade, Mont., just outside of Bozeman.

On October 8, a man asked an 11-year-old girl from Cody, Wyo. to help him find his missing puppy. He then pulled a gun from his pocket and aimed it at the victim, then forced her into his SUV.

Two friends of the victim, who had been with her when she was abducted, called 911 45 minutes later.

The victim told authorities that the suspect first drove her to a church parking lot, then north out of town. While on the road, the suspect kept ordering the young girl to keep her head down.

Ignoring the victim's pleas to turn around, the suspect drove her to a mountain road and assaulted her. He then removed her from the vehicle, told her to count to 50 before turning around, and walked away. Hunters found the girl walking towards the highway.

Police praised the girl for her strength and ability to remember details that helped capture the suspect.

Occurring just a couple of days after Jessica Ridgeway's abduction in Westminster, authorities looked into the possibility that the two cases were connected, but have since decided they are unrelated.

As we've reported in the past, the FBI said there is no connection between this case and the Jessica Ridgeway case.