Accused Waldo Canyon Burglar Arrested

Graylon Thomas
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A man accused of burglarizing a home while the owners were evacuated during the Waldo Canyon fire has been arrested.

Investigators say Graylon Thomas, 20, ransacked a home near West Rockrimmon and Raven Hill Court.

According to arrest papers, Thomas helped himself to the homeowners' food and drinks during the burglary. It turns out that helped investigators bust him. They say they found his DNA on a soda can.

In June 2012, Police say they saw Thomas and another person jump out of a truck filled with stolen items from the home and run away from the scene.

The stolen items were recovered, but the suspects got away.
Police say they collected DNA evidence from the open soda and beer bottles the suspects reportedly left behind in the house.

At the end of last year, police say they finally found a DNA match.

Thomas was already in the Pueblo County Jail on unrelated charges. Investigators got a warrant for another DNA test and at the beginning of February, the match was confirmed. Thomas Is currently being held in the Pueblo County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

During the Waldo Canyon Fire, El Paso County District Attorney Dan May had harsh words for would be crooks.

"You better have plans to have your bags packed, you better have planned to set your affairs in order, because we do intend to evacuate you for many, many years," May said at the time.

Investigators are still trying to identify the other suspect.

You might remember, last May, Shane Garrett was convicted of burglarizing evacuated homes during Waldo. He was sentenced to 48 years in prison. His accomplice, Belinda Wells-Yates was sentenced to a total of 72 years in prison.