Accused Child Sexual Predator Found Guilty On All Counts

A convicted child predator now knows he'll be spending time behind bars. He's just waiting to know if it will be the rest of his life.

Ronald Stanley, 62, was first arrested in Peyton, Colo. for several crimes against children, mostly sexual in nature. In February 2011 he was charged with Sexual Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust and Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

Investigators say they found thousands of pornographic images, including child pornography, on Stanley's computer.

Investigators also say they found detailed plans on how Stanley manipulated or "groomed" his victim so that she would engage in sex acts with him. Some of those plans included altered images to make it look like the victim was already engaging in sex acts.

Before Stanley could be tried in 2011, he disappeared. Then, in August 2013, investigators got a break in the case. A tip led them to where Stanley was hiding in a trailer park in Spokane, Wash.

Stanley was extradited back to Colorado and tried for Sex Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust (pattern of abuse), Enticement of a Child, multiple counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child (child pornography), and two counts of Obscenity.

He was found guilty on all counts Monday. Stanley faces eight years to life when he is sentenced in June.