Accused Child Abductor Has Ties to Colorado Springs

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11 News is asking local investigators if the man accused of abducting a child in Wyoming is linked to other crimes in Southern Colorado.

39 year old Jesse Speer has several connections to our area. We checked county records and confirmed that his wife at one time owned a house in Colorado Springs.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says they contacted police in Cody, Wyoming. They say from their investigation so far they do not think Jesse Speer is connected to other kidnapping or attempted kidnapping cases here in Southern Colorado but they're still looking into it.

11 News stopped by the house listed for Jesse Speer’s parents in Colorado Springs but the woman who answered the door said she had no comment.

Speer is accused of forcing an 11 year old girl into his SUV and sexually assaulting her, then dropping her off on the side of a dirt road in Cody, Wyoming.

A woman who claims she is Speer's ex-wife posted a blog addressing the situation. She writes that she's in shock over this. She says she has two kids with the suspect and that now her main job is to protect their children who love their dad very much. She goes go on to say if he has done this, he has hurt an awful lot of people.

Cody, Wyoming police say surveillance video played a key role in capturing the suspect. 11 News previously showed a picture of his SUV taken from the town’s surveillance cameras. Apparently police found video from Yellowstone National Park which revealed the suspect’s license plate number.

Jesse Speer was arrested over the weekend in Montana, where he lives. He can't bond out of jail until he's extradited to Cody, Wyoming. That's expected to happen in the next 30 days.